November 5th 2015

Service Design job for 6 weeks!

Got my first proper job! Started Monday at 31Volts in Utrecht as a Service Designer. For six weeks I will be working on a project for the Ministerie Algemene Zaken to create more customer focussed selection tools. The first days ,working on the customer journey and persona's, have been great and I am very much looking forward to the coming weeks.

Unfortunately it is not a fulltime job so I will keep looking for one at service design/design consultancy. Still I can already see I am going to learn lots at this project. I'll keep you posted!





October 26th 2015

Dutch Design Week

A big thanks to all who visited my exhibited work at the Dutch Design Week!

I will use all your lovely compliments and good luck wishes to get the Baby Comfort Class embedded into KLM's service. Though I already have some good news about a part of the Baby Comfort Class.  The BabyTrayBed got a go this week from KLM to develop further with van Berlo. We will be working hard to get this great comfort option on the market.

Next to this, Concealed Sincerity will most likely be traveling along with the Future Footprints exhibition to Nijmegen.





Mind the Step Exhibition at the Klokgebouw Eindhoven

October 1st 2015


Officially received my Master of Science Diploma today. I graduated on the  "Baby Comfort Class" service design with an Excellent, which means I graduated among the top 10 percent of my class.

I have been chosen to exhibit the Baby Comfort Class at the Mind the Step Exhibition organized by the three technical Universities of the Netherlands.  Currently I am thus very busy getting everything ready.

But also my group project "Concealed Sincerity" will be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week at the Material Sense exhibition "Future Footprints". Hope to see you there!

After the Dutch Design Week I will be looking for a (preferably) full time job as a Service Design or Strategy Design Consultant.





Posing with my fellow graduates, professors and coaches